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Raynedrops, time to wipe your tears. Lakoda Rayne may not be in the X Factor competion anymore but they have already started working on their original songs. So it looks like Lakoda Rayne is here to stay. We are so happy to hear that, and can't wait to see what they are up to.

Here is a quote taken from the Official Lakoda Rayne Facebook page:

"Hello Raynedrops! We are definitely going to miss performing for you all on the X Factor but since were gone now we get to start working on original music and work even harder than before for you all!! Can't wait for you all to see what we've been up to! XOXO TEAMLAKODA"


OK Raynedrops, no more panic, our girls made it through again tonight! We have to admit, we were pretty scared for Lakoda Rayne after the negative reviews of last night and the fact that they were bottom two last week. But they successfully made it through this round of elimination. Thanks to all the Raynedrops who took the time to vote and support Lakoda Rayne. Lets keep it up Raynedrops!

Here is a picture of the girls, looking very focused right before going on stage tonight. Their hard work and dedication has payed off yet again.


There must be something about the groups this year on the X Factor because so far they have all been in trouble. This is obviously bad news for our fave girls Lakoda Rayne. We are very sorry to announce that last week, Lakoda Rayne was in the bottom two with The Stereo Hoggz.

Lakoda Rayne had to sing for their life in the final sing-off and they performed No Air. The judges then had to decide which act stays and which one goes home. This was an emotionally packed moment as each judge picked the group they preferred.

First, L.A. Reid picked Lakoda Rayne. Following this decision, Nicole also chose Lakoda Rayne and said it was for girl power. Then it was Paula Abdul's turn to choose. Paula was extremely emotional and refused to make a decision. However, when the host told Paula that if she did not decide, Stereo Hoggz would be eliminated by default, Paula said she wanted to give them a chance and chose to send Lakoda Rayne home. Finally it was Simon's turn to decide and his decision had the potential to save or send home one of the two groups. Simon decided to save Lakoda Rayne. So thankfully our girls are still up and running. However, it is frightening to think that they almost got kicked out (so soon!). We have to fight for their survival and work together to vote as much as we can. It is up to us Raynedrops to keep Lakoda Rayne in the competition. We urge you to vote as much as possible next time and make sure they are never again at risk. It is not the end of it all, we have seen in past competitions, groups which were in the bottom at some point and made it all the way through to the finale. Goodluck Raynedrops and lets work together to make sure Lakoda Rayne gets to the finale!


Tonight Lakoda Rayne perfomed Landslide (originally by Fleetwood Mac and redone by the Dixie Chicks).

The girls were dressed as the four seasons, each wore a bright colored gown. Their vocals were well-acclaimed by all the judges and the audience.

Here is a summary of what the X Factor judges thought of the trancy performance:

  • L.A. Reid found the girls looked incredible tonight and he really felt the harmonies. However, he thought Lakoda Rayne needs to decide if they want to go into a country or a pop direction. As of now L.A. Reid thought they were mixing up country and pop...
  • Nicole Scherzinger loved Lakoda Rayne's performance and said their four voices sounded like one voice. She concluded by saying the performance put her in a trance.
  • Simon Cowell said the girls showed a massive vocal improvement. However he absolutely hated what they were wearing. He said it looked like they were going to a prom and that the season theme was ridiculous.
  • Paula concluded by saying : "And now let's go get frozen yogurt!". She was extremely proud of the girls, and since she is mentoring them, she was very involved with the whole performance.


You can vote for Lakoda Rayne by calling 1855 THE XF 05 (1855 843 9305) or text the word vote to 9305

Lakoda Rayne is now officially nicknaming its fans: Raynedrops.

Also you can now purchase Lakoda Rayne's cover of Come on Eileen on iTunes! If you missed Lakoda Rayne's great cover of Come on Eileen you can watch it here.


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Do you think Lakoda Rayne should focus on pop or country?

Lakoda Rayne Meaning

Lakoda means allies, friendship and unity and Rayne is for blessings from above.